Lipogems Canine Treatment 

Lipogems® Canine Injury Treatment

Lipoaspirate is Collected​

Steve Jones & Phil Linge from Arberth Vet Centre

"We have been researching into regenerative medicine for about 5 years now. Obtaining adipose MSC's from laboratory growth left us with a few concerns i.e. Multiple anesthetics, degeneration of samples while in transit and the possibility of sample mix ups. We looked at the possibility of preparing MSC’s in house.

Obtaining them from bone marrow seemed invasive and required a relatively large capital outlay on equipment, and space to site the equipment. There would then be an ongoing cost for the extraction kits.

We then came across Lipogems Canine. No expensive equipment to be purchased, everything needed for patient side preparation in the box, excepting fluid packs and a few ml of local anesthetic, and a straight forward preparation protocol.

We have been using Lipogems on equine and canine cases for just over 18 months now on joints, tendons and ligaments. All treated cases to date have shown dramatic improvements and all our canine cases are being reported as sound by the owners.

Lipogems therapy has become an important part of our armory both in improving recovery from injury and maintaining quality of life for our arthritic patients"

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What is involved in the procedure?


Saving Your Best Friend

Lipoaspirate is Processed

Lipogems® Canine Application

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Who Provides Lipogems Canine?

Regenerative Veterinary Services (Lipocast Biotech UK Ltd) are the providers of Lipogems Canine but also Lipogems Equine, they provide the technology and training to the veterinary community. To find out ore about them visit team click here.

Once the required amount of fat tissue is collected it is processed using the Lipogems device. This is where the tissue is micro-fragmented and the required lipoaspirate is then collected in syringes through a special filter ready to be used.

The vet will then prepare the are that needs to be treated by clipping a steralising the skin around the joint that will be injected. The processed lipoaspirate is then injected into the are required. This all happens straight away in the same surgery as the collection.

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Under general anaesthetic your vet will collect some fat tissue from around the flank of your dog using a liposuction technique. This sounds dramatic but it is minimally invasive and you will only notice the clipped area as the vet will only make a tiny incision with the needle to do the procedure.

Lipogems® Canine is a new innovative application of regenerative technology available from referral veterinary surgeons for a range of conditions including orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries and diseases including osteoarthritis. Veterinary treatment for you dog can be considered by asking your first referral veterinary surgeon to refer your case to one of our centres. To find a referral centre click here.  #lipogemscanine 

Saving your best friend from a range of conditions and diseases has never been more possible than with Lipogems Canine. Lipogems procedures are quick and minimally invasive meaning your dog only needs to be under general anaesthetic for a short period of time. 

The procedure includes the collection of fat tissue from their flanks, this tissue is then minimally processed before the final lipoaspirate is then used for the treatment.

With hundreds of cases performed to date the main application for Lipogems Canine is to repair damage to soft tissue in and around inflamed joints.

Diseases treated:

Vascular (Legg-Calve-Perthes disease)

Immune mediated arthritis (OA)

Traumatic injury (Cr ligament and meniscus rupture, joint fractures)

Hereditary/developmental (UAP, FCP, OCD, IOHC – incomp. ossif. Of humeral condyle)

Degenerative Joint Disease

Joints treated:

Hip, stifle, elbow, shoulder, carpus and tarsus.