***NEWS ALERT*** Published Paper 

Lipogems® Canine Lipogems Canine is pleased to announce that Dr Offer Zeira, Director of San Michele Veterinary Hospital, Milan, DVM PhD Field of Study Veterinary Orthopedics and Neurosurgery, Lead Lipogems Canine Veterinary Surgeon, has had the following paper published. Lead Lipogems Canine UK Veterinary Surgeon Alistair Cliff BVM&S (Dist) CertAVP MRCVS, Crown Vets Referrals, Inverness is also named as an author for this publication. Click here to download the full paper.

Intra‐Articular Administration of Autologous Micro‐Fragmented Adipose Tissue in Dogs with Spontaneous Osteoarthritis: Safety, Feasibility, and Clinical Outcomes

Lipogems® Canine Names New Referral Centre

Vale Referrals is the latest referral centre to join the list of accreditations in the use of Lipogems Canine in the UK. Referrals Director Richard Artingstall and head of rehabilitation Rachel Mowbray have both trained with the esteemed Dr Offer Zeira following on from the launch of Lipogems Canine in the UK with Alistair Cliffs leading the way at Crown Vet Referrals. Vale Referrals is now able to accept cases suitable for Lipogems treatment, or cases that first opinion practices or referral centres that may like to have reviewed for Lipogems treatment can now be considered by the team at Vale Referrals.

Richard and Rachel head up the Vale Referrals Orthopaedic and Chronic Pain Management Service, which is aimed at the diagnosis, management and treatment of orthopaedic conditions in our dogs and cats, from chronic lameness to acute complex fractures. 

“As a dog owner, and CEO, I am delighted that we are now able to offer the ground-breaking regenerative capabilities of Lipogems for dogs in the UK. An incredible amount of work has gone on between the Canine, Equine and Human Lipogems teams to translate this technology for the veterinary world to help your four-legged best friend. It is a great honour for me and the rest of the Lipogems team to have the opportunity to work with passionate and talented veterinary surgeons such as Alistair Cliff and Dr Offer Zeira. Application in the equine world, lead vet Dr Tim Watson and consultant vet Murray Shotter in addition to 30 equine accredited referral centres, has grown exponentially with staggering results. 

Dr Offer Zeira, from his veterinary hospital in Milan is presently preparing to publish his findings from over 300 canine cases. This will be a very exciting leap forward in the journey for Lipogems. Please do get in touch with our team if you would like any more information or to refer a case to one of our centres,”

Martin ffrench Blake, CEO Lipogems Canine

New Paper Published

Safety and Efficacy of Percutaneous Injection of Lipogems Micro-Fractured Adipose Tissue for Osteoarthritic Knees - Jay Panchal, MD Gerard Malanga, MD Mitchell Sheinkop, MD; Has been published in the The American Journal of Orthopedics
To download or read the article please click here

Regenerative medicine in orthopaedics: Lipogems International Technology Conference, London

Lipogems Canine and Lipogems Equine enjoyed an afternoon of scientific discussion at the Regenerative medicine in orthopaedics: Lipogems International Technology on Tuesday 27 June at The Kings Fund in London. A plethora of key speakers talked about Lipogems application in human orthopaedic applications. To find out more about human application of Lipogems click here to visit their website. 

New Study Published
The Effect of Intra-articular Injection of Autologous Microfragmented Fat Tissue on Proteoglycan Synthesis in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: Click here to read the full article. 

A prospective, non-randomized, interventional, single-center, open-label clinical trial was conducted from January 2016 to April 2017.

Results: The results of our study indicate that the use of autologous and micro-fragmented adipose tissue in patients with knee OA (measured by dGEMRIC MRI) increased glycosaminoglycan (GAG) content in hyaline cartilage, which is in line with observed VAS and clinical results.

The Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics - New Lipogems Paper Published
Exciting new publication from the human application of Lipogems in the Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics titled: 

Autologous and micro-fragmented adipose tissue for the treatment of diffuse degenerative knee osteoarthritis,

has been published. 

Click here to access the paper.

New Study Proposed
New Prospective, Randomized Controlled Study Compares The Safety And Performance Of A Next Generation Adipose Tissue Technology (Lipogems®) Vs. Platelet Rich Plasma In Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis - Click here to read the abstract.

Click here to read about how Lipogems is helping Igor the Tiger from the Hungary. Veterinary surgeon Robert Gippert has performed the procedure to improve Igor's quality of life. The hip pain Igor has been suffering from is a common issue that Lipogems Canine has been able to offer assistance with. Lipogems Equine is exactly the same treatment and has been helping horses and ponies with a range of problems. 

Vet Time July 2017 Issue News Story

Thank you Vet Times for featuring the launch of Lipogems Canine in the UK with Crown Vet Referrals. Some great words from Dr Offer Zeira from his esteemed centre of excellence for Lipogems at his hospital in Milan. 

To read the full feature click here.


Saving Your Best Friend

First UK Referral Centre is Now Taking Lipogems Canine Cases

Crown Vets Referrals (CVR) are delighted to have become involved in the use of a new product used for the treatment of joint arthritis. This product, known as Lipogems, harnesses the regenerative power of the body's stem cells to reduce joint inflammation, with significant potential to repair damaged cartilage and soft tissue in and around inflamed joints.

There are a number of stem cell systems available in the UK but Lipogems may well have significant advantages over its counterparts allowing for a more effective treatment in one visit. CVR are currently the only clinic in the UK and Ireland to have been trained in its use in small animal patients. It is established as a gold standard for regenerative medicine in humans.

The use of Lipogems is versatile but is best suited to arthritic joints where traditional therapies have failed to control pain and joint replacement is not an option.

If you would like to discuss the use of Lipogems in your animal, please ask you vet to refer you to our orthopaedic service. Click here to find the contact details for Crown Vet Referrals. Click here to download our press release.


Similar to the disease affecting humans, osteoarthritis (OA) is a painful musculoskeletal condition affecting 20% of the adult canine population. Several solutions have been proposed, but the results achieved to date are far from being satisfactory. New approaches, such as intra‐articular delivery of cells (including mesenchymal stromal cells), have been proposed. Among the many sources, the adipose tissue is considered very promising. We evaluated the safety, feasibility, and efficacy of a single intra‐articular injection of autologous and micro‐fragmented adipose tissue (MFAT) in 130 dogs with spontaneous OA. MFAT was obtained using a minimally invasive technique in a closed system and injected in the intra‐ and/or peri‐articular space. Clinical outcomes were determined using orthopedic examination and owners’ scores for up to 6 months. In 78% of the dogs, improvement in the orthopedic score was registered 1 month after treatment and continued gradually up to 6 months when 88% of the dogs improved, 11% did not change, and 1% worsened compared with baseline. Considering the owners’ scores at 6 months, 92% of the dogs significantly improved, 6% improved only slightly, and 2% worsened compared with baseline. No local or systemic major adverse effects were recorded. The results of this study suggest that MFAT injection in dogs with OA is safe, feasible, and beneficial. The procedure is time sparing and cost‐effective. Post injection cytological investigation, together with the clinical evidence, suggests a long‐term pain control role of this treatment. The spontaneous OA dog model has a key role in developing successful treatments for translational medicine. Stem Cells Translational Medicine 2018;1–10

Further Reading

Dr Offer Zeira - IFATS Presentation 2016 20.11.16

To read Dr Offer Zeira's presentation fromm the IFATS November 2016 Conference please click here and click here to download the abstract publication of this study.

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News & Updates

Lipogems Regenerative Medicine Seminar by Lipocast Biotech UK​

On Wednesday 16 May Lipocast Biotech UK Ltd ran the Lipogems Regenerative Seminar in Cirencester. Attendees included equine veterinary surgeons, canine veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, orthopaedic human surgeons and other equine and small animal professionals interested in finding out more about Lipogems technology. The event was a fantastic opportunity for the collaboration of minds from the human medical and veterinary worlds. Discussions about application, feasibility, safety, cost effectiveness and ethics around the use of Lipogems for both human and veterinary use were of huge benefit to all who attended.

The seminar included presentations on the science behind the technology, evidence-based data and clinical findings from cases. The event opened with a speech from Chairman of the company Stefano Olgiati and ended with a demonstration of the equine procedure with Dr Tim Watson treating a polo pony suffering from dorsal spinous process impingement (kissing spines). Dr Offer Zeira, who flew in from his Milan based hospital for the seminar, presented on the canine procedures safety, feasibility and cost-effectiveness as well as a review of his case-based evidence from over 100 articulation treatments in dogs. Dr Tim Watson also presented his evidence on case-based data from his use of Lipogems Equine.  Professor Adrian Wilson, a human orthopaedic specialist also presented his findings to the seminar attendees.
Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Stefano Olgiati, PhD, MS, PGCert, Chairman of the Scientific Board
Dr Offer Zeira DVM PhD, Lipogems Canine Lead Veterinary Surgeon
Dr Tim Watson BVM&S PhD MRCVS, Lipogems Equine Lead Veterinary Surgeon
Adrian Wilson MBBS, BSc (Hons), FRCS, FRCS (Tr & Orth)
Each attendee received an informative pack including a brochure about the veterinary application, human application and a DVD of the equine standard operating procedure. Equine veterinary surgeons who attended also received accreditation for their input to the day and offered an additional morning of practical training on 26 June with Dr Tim Watson. These attendees have been added to our website. Canine veterinary surgeons have also been invited to train with our veterinary team for accreditation later. The presentations have also been filmed for prosperity and future Lipogems webinars.
Following the seminar, a dinner was held for the keynote speakers and some of the delegates which was also attended by Lipogems Equine Consultant Veterinary Surgeon Murray Shotter, who spoke briefly about his impending publication on case-based evidence for treatment to inferior check ligaments in horses, and Lipogems Equine sponsored dressage rider Anne Marie Bork-Eppers.

The following day concluded the events with Dr Offer Zeira providing some private canine training at Vale Referrals Veterinary Centre in Dursley, Gloucestershire. 

Lipogems Treating a Tiger Hits International News Stands

Lipogems® Canine is a new innovative application of regenerative technology available from referral veterinary surgeons for a range of conditions including orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries and diseases including osteoarthritis. Veterinary treatment for you dog can be considered by asking your first referral veterinary surgeon to refer your case to one of our centres. To find a referral centre click here.  #lipogemscanine 

Lipogems Hits the Headlines in the Daily Mirror

Click here to read The Daily Mirror journalist Lynne Hyland's personal account of a Lipogems procedure to treat her arthritic feet. The report also includes a video of her procedure.